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Quick and Cost-effective Ways to Brighten Up Your Rental Property

Quick and Cost-effective Ways to Brighten Up Your Rental Property

How your property looks and feels to a potential renter is just as important as the location and price. If you want to ensure that your property is achieving its rental income potential, you have to make sure it’s fit for purpose and attractive. As a landlord, you have a budget in mind, and often it’s tempting to go for the most practical option. However, this can leave a property feeling a little too cold, a little too impersonal.

Improving Kerb Appeal 
Improve Kerb Appeal with a House Number
Especially during the spring and summer months, bright and attractive plants outside the property add some kerb appeal. This will depend on the market you want to target, so do take that into account. Hanging baskets and plants are relatively cheap and easy to find at most supermarkets or DIY stores. Putting together an attractive selection isn’t difficult with many resources available online[1].

Replacing the house number with a visually appealing (and easy-to-spot design) can easily lift the look of your property.

Keep on top of any gardening including removing weeds and wild grasses from the front of the property. Keeping the windows clean will also make the property look ready to move in for tenants. It’s essential to get first impressions right.

Make Use of Darker or Warmer Tones

Warm tones will soften any harsh edges or light in a property. Wood-coloured worktops in kitchens, laminate floors, or even a tasteful feature wall makes a room feel welcoming. Greys are a good, modern option to avoid falling into the old-fashioned ‘magnolia trap’. Lighter colours can look appealing but after some wear and tear, they can make the property look dirtier than it really is.

PIP Estate Agents commented: “Invest in good-quality paint so you won’t be applying many coats to cover a wall. Some paints offer hard-wearing and anti-mould properties, so consider this as a good investment over time. Painting a couple of feature walls in a property makes it appealing without imposing your own taste and style on it. Consider using a well-known brand for paint as they will have consistent, durable results.[2]

Replace Hardware

Swapping out door handles in the kitchen can easily lift the look of an older room. Consider replacing the socket covers in the bedrooms and lightswitch covers, as these small touches can make all the difference to the look of a room.

Aim for Durability

Getting the most life out of your property and ensuring that it’s tenant-proof can be cost-effective if you’re sensible about your choice of materials. Quality fittings will last for many years and need replacing less, which saves on costs to reinstall. Tiles are also worth considering for bathrooms and kitchens, and for floors[3] where budgets permit.

“We’ve seen all too often that landlords have opted for some cheaper fittings and quickly become burdened with the cost of frequent repairs and call-outs. It is possible to strike a balance between quality and cost, opting for mid-range products made from sturdier fittings. This can save time and hassle in the long term, whilst still providing an attractive feature in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s also worth keeping spare paint, tiles, and fittings in the property’s loft so that touch-ups and repairs match perfectly.”

Don’t just take our word for it, there are lots of great online resources[4] to help you make easy and quick updates to your rental property on budget.